Congratulations you have found a truly unique digitized quilting design feature called Time Is Money.


          As longarm quilters have to work smarter rather than harder to make their business successful. Thefore the Time Is Money concept becomes an essential business element.

          One of the first attempts to increase profitability usually surrounds multitasking while the computerized longarm is quilting. Next comes improving efficiencies by organizing the work area and decreasing the steps taken to complete repetitive tasks. These are all things that can be done after the quilting order is in process.

          Have you ever considered increasing your profits during the design selection process? With my Time Is Money designs you will be able to make decisions regarding the amount of time a design will take to quilt thus allowing you to decrease the time needed for quilting. Any design with more curved lines and less sharp points  will quilt faster than a design with many points where the machine has to stop to stitch the point and change directions.  

          All digitized quilting designs have been stitched out and timed, hence the Time Is Money feature. This service documents the Gammill Statler Stitcher stitch out time at 65% for every design.  While the actual stitching time may vary for other machines the information can still be useful to choose patterns that document less time to stitch.

          By using the Time Is Money feature you can offer these lovely patterns to your customers as an option.The result will be decreased stitching time and increased profit.


Quilt My Quilt digital designs are for the following computerized longarm quilting machines:

Statler Stitcher (QLI)


ABM Innova (PAT)

CompuQuilter (CQP)IntelliQuilter (IQP)

PC Quilter (TXT)

QBOT HPGL Plotter Files (PLT)

Side Saddle (SSD)


          Quilt My Quilt welcomes  requests for custom digitized quilting designs for those special quilts that need a special touch such as a design that complements one of the fabrics. Please use the contact us feature for custom digital design requests. 

          These patterns are downloadable instantly and are purchased through Pay Pal for your security. All quilting designs have been stitched out to ensure fine quality stitching and performance.

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